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Carpet cleaning services for homes and offices in Harrogate and Leeds areas

For Clean, Safe & Healthy Carpets in Harrogate and York

Why You Should Choose Power Clean To Clean Your Carpets

Many carpet cleaners claim that their system is the only one that can clean carpets satisfactorily. One major company tries to scare you off using Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning), even though it is the system recommended by the World's Largest Carpet Manufacturer!

At Power Clean we undertake a careful inspection of your carpet and after discussion with you we ascertain which of our systems best suits your requirements.

Our patented Dry Fusion and AIRFLEX TURBO Hot Water Extraction systems work quite differently but enable us to deliver the results you, our customers demand, whilst matching our standards:


Whicever system you choose these are the 7 Steps To Your Cleaner & Healthier Carpet

  1. Pre-Spray with Envirosafe , a leading non-hazardous disinfectant solution with a log kill of 6
  2. Power vacuum with twin motor SEBO to remove dry soil, grit, dust and pet hair
  3. Pre-treat difficult to remove stains, e.g. tea,red wine,coffee, gum, make-up etc
  4. Pre-condition carpet with natural cleaning agents - WoolSafe where appropriate - to break down greasy soils
  5. Agitate and if necessary allow sufficient dwell time for agents to work
  6. Fresh Hot Water Rinse with AIRFLEX TURBO and Wonder Wand or Dry Fusion Heated Rotary Clean
  7. Visual inspection for any remaining spots and re-treat
  8. Final spray with Envirosafe disinfectant solution
  9. Groom carpet and if required use high power air blowers room for rapid drying

CALL TODAY ON 01423 520442 or 01904 500567 or 07446025241


“Power Clean's performance was very good and carpet cleaning results up to expectations.”

–  Mrs Tennant (Sicklinghall)


"Delighted with the friendly, professional service and will definItely use again."

- Mrs Bates (York)




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