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Office carpet cleaning services in Leeds and Harrogate


Disinfecting Schools ,Offices & Commercial Premises in Harrogate Leeds & York

  • We use an Industry Leading Disinfectant - 'ENVIROSAFE' from ALLTEC  which is a very effective anti-viral agent with a log kill of 6 , yet safe and non-toxic

  • We offer disinfectant Fogging in high risk areas

  • Our ULV machine gives a fine mist application that penetrates surfaces, leaving a residue that can remain effective for up to 2 weeks.  However, in high use areas where contamination can be frequently re- introduced the time scale of effectiveness may be reduced.

  • QAC/QAT Test strips used to ensure adequate application


Workplace hygiene and cleanliness is very important for slowing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). If you wish to reduce the risk of Coronavirus at your Business Premises or School we can offer Hospital Grade Coronavirus cleaning to ensure all areas are thoroughly deep-cleaned and disinfected.

We use Envirosafe from Alltec, a very effective anti-viral / anti-microbial agen,t that has an anti-microbial and anti-fungal log kill rate of 6 and an anti-viral log kill rate of 4.33.  This equates to an effectiveness of  99.99%! However, it is bleach and alcohol free, non-hazardous in solution, has a neutral PH and is biodegradable.

Power Clean are fully trained, have the appropriate PPE and industry standard machinery and solutions to ensure a professional service that adheres to high industry standards of health and safety.


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call Harvey on  01423 520442 or 01904 500567 mobile 07446025241

“Many Thanks for (as always) a great service in 2010. We really appreciate your Thorough & Reliable Service.”

–  Tara Cuddy of Linley & Simpson Letting Agents (Harrogate)



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