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Home carpet cleaning services in Harrogate and Leeds

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Protecting Your Home's Largest Investment

When you add it up, your carpets may be your single largest investment in the home. A regular programme of maintenance can often double the life of your carpets and save thousands on expensive replacements. Plus regular professional, deep cleaning of your carpets improves the health of the indoor environment by removing toxins, allergens, fine dust particles, adhesive bacteria and other pollutants fom within the carpet fibres. Internal Air Quality is improved  to the benefit of all occupants.

So Why Choose Powerclean?

Our policy has always been one of Continuous Improvement in our service so that we achieve our aims of:

  • The Most Thorough Clean Possible
  • The Fastest Drying Times
  • The Safest Natural Cleaning Solutions Available
  • The Safest, Healthiest Carpets With Minimal Residue

To that end we have invested in the best training, most efficient equipment and have carefully selected Safe, Natural cleaning solutions, WoolSafe where appropriate, which biodegrade quickly, leaving no harmful residues.

We start the process by applying an pre-spray of Envirosafe to all items to be cleaned. This is a leading disinfectant with a log kill of 6 and  proven to be effective against a wide range of Viruses  (including SARS-Cov2 , the cause of Covid19 ) , Bacteria and Mould.

When we say the most thorough cleaning that means the work commences with a power vacuuming of the carpet with our twin motor Sebo vacuum, to remove as much dry soil, dust, grit and pet hair as possible, with attention given to skirting edges.

When employing our Controlled Flow Hot Water Extraction System, any difficult to remove stains e.g. coffee, make-up, gum etc are pre-treated at this stage, and then a pre-spray – WoolSafe where appropriate – is applied and agitated into the carpet fibres. After sufficient dwell time, greasy soils and sticky spots are loosened and ready to be Fresh Water Power Rinsed away by our amazing Wonder Wand powered by the AIRFLEX TURBO. The Wonder Wand's patented technology never lets the solution come to rest on the carpet. This "solution control" process allows a much larger volume of solution to be pushed through the carpet fibres, for more thorough cleaning, without soaking the backing and the pad. Solution is recovered instantaneously, 30% more than with conventional wands and as a result the carpet DRIES MUCH FASTER, preventing any problems associated with slow drying and wet carpets.

Environmentally Aware

We know our customers want great carpet cleaning, but at the same time they expect their carpet cleaner to use Eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for all the family, pets included. Our WoolSafe and other chemicals, e.g. Dry Fusion Activator, Envirosafe and Bactoshield , M-Power and Orange-X, are specifically sourced for the speed with which they biodegrade and low impact they have on the environment.

Value For Money

We are all looking for value these days and we believe Powerclean delivers that to our customers - many of whom, both individual and business, have been using our service for 20 years.

For the Cleanest & Healthiest Carpets for Your Family

Call 01423 520442    OR 07446025241   OR 01904 500567



“My experience is that you have provided an excellent service.”

–  Mrs Peters (Staveley)


"I will be using Powerclean for all my future carpet cleaning needs"

- Mr Boothman (Ripon)

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